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The Arts at NECA PDF Print E-mail

At New England Classical Academy, the fine and performing arts are "full partners" with academics and athletics. We understand that the arts offer a wide range of practical and personal benefits to students who participate in them regularly, and so we stress the centrality of the arts as part of a complete education.


At New England Classical Academy, drama and theater is an integral part of our curriculum, and students 1-12 take part in weekly drama classes. Theater productions allow students to understand the plays they have read in their Humanities Seminar not just as literary works, but "from the inside out."


From the earliest grades, students are surrounded with the finest examples of music - both classical and popular, secular and sacred - through the Core Knowledge curriculum. Students also learn how to read musical notation and sing in our Lower School choir. Upper School students study music theory and participate in the Schola Cantorum, our Latin choir, singing sacred chant and polyphony.   Our younger students in grades 1-6 participate in a weekly choir class.

Visual Arts

Our visual arts program is conceived in the tradition of the atelier or studio in which apprentices learn technique and taste from the masters. Far too many people enter adulthood believing that they "can't draw" or "don't have an eye for color." Yet with the proper instruction, anyone can draw a good likeness from nature. Our students begin to look at fine art from the earliest grades with an eye to appreciation and, eventually, imitation.