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Check the recent NECA News found on the News section of the website for upcoming dates for NECA cleaning schedule. For all those families needing to work Volunteer Hours, this is the best and fastest way to do it!

FUNDRAISING VOLUNTEERS: Keep an eye out for an upcoming fundraising meeting to help with some exciting and new fundraisers we're launching in 2017!

We are always in need of cleaning supplies and are glad to accept donations in kind anytime!

Feeling generous? Please consider a donation to our Fuel Fund.

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As an independent school, the Academy relies on the volunteer efforts of our families and friends to keep the school running smoothly. Here are some of the volunteer opportunities available:

1. Classroom Parents

Classroom parents act as a central contact person for the families in a given grade. They work closely with the teachers to communicate with parents and to make sure that the classroom's needs are met. They often act as chaperones on field trips as well. If you would like to volunteer to be a classroom parent, please let your child's teacher know, or call the school office.

2. Academy Volunteers

Our school committees need people to help out with all kinds of practical tasks around the school and in the community. The following committees would welcome your assistance:

Building and Grounds (chaired by Mr. Santolucito)
Fundraising, Marketing and PR (chaired by Mr. Enzler)
Arts (chaired by Mrs. Fagan)
Athletics (chaired by TBA)

Please contact the chairperson of the committee through the school office.

3. Committee Members

If you would like to serve as a regular member of one of the committees listed above, please stop by the office to pick up an application.

Thank you for your continued support of the Academy!